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Discover the POS Revolution with Imonggo

Imonggo Features

Underneath its simple interface, Imonggo has powerful features built for real businesses.

Imonggo fits any business. Whether you are a single user with a small kiosk, or the owner of retail chains; whether you have less than a hundred or several thousands of items, Imonggo is absolutely for you. Are you ready to grow your business to hundreds of stores? With the help of Imonggo, we are confident that you can.

Features in color are available only in premium subscription.

Store: Point of Sale

  • Easy and intuitive point of sales screen
  • Percentage discount and fixed price discount
  • Multiple payment types (cash, credit card, debit card, gift check, etc)
  • Split payments
  • Return and exchange handling
  • Customizable receipt header and footer
  • Barcode scanning, Imonggo can handle multiple barcodes for a single item
  • Prints on both POS receipt printer and standard printer
  • Easily-searchable items by partial name or stock number without leaving the POS screen
  • Product image and thumbnail
  • Unlimited tax types, and flexible tax handling for selected items
  • Single-click Today's Summary
  • Cash register mode
  • Unlimited Transactions*
  • Unlimited Stores**
  • Unlimited users with roles-based support
  • Consolidation of store sales at head office
  • Cash flow management
  • Tracks salesmen performance
  • Layaway feature
  • Credit Card Payment integration with

Stockroom: Inventory Management

  • Multiple barcodes support
  • Tracks cost history and price history
  • Instant stock card (transaction history) showing movement of every item
  • Picture and image for every item
  • Search by name or stock no
  • Inventory showing on-stock, out-of-stock or negative stock items
  • Inventory showing fast-moving, slow-moving and non-moving items
  • Tracks supplier/vendor purchases and returns
  • Automatically computes average cost, while items are received from vendors
  • Adjustments of items
  • Physical Count support
  • Unlimited Products*
  • Upload products from CSV format (Excel Compatible)
  • Export Products to CSV format
  • Export Inventories to CSV format
  • Support for Inter-branch transfer, tracking in-transit and received items
  • Product tagging support, Search by Tag

Office: Sales Analysis/Business Intelligence

  • One-click Todays Sales Summary showing key performance indicators
  • Top products Reports and Graphs
  • Monthly Sales Reports and Graphs
  • Daily Sales Reports and Graphs
  • Hourly Sales Reports and Graphs
  • Payments Collected Reports and Graphs
  • Monthly Profit Reports and Graphs
  • Customer database includes contact information and even birthday
  • Customer purchase history
  • Sales analysis by tag
  • Compare sales of different branches
  • Consolidates sales of all branches at head office
  • Salesman performance graph and report

International Support

  • Work across multiple time zones
  • Handle currency and number format depending on your locality

Upcoming Features

  • Offline Support - A feature that will allow your POS to continue to sell even if Internet is not available
  • API (Application Programming Interface) - Allows back-end ERP or other applications and websites to communicate directly with Imonggo digitally
  • iPhone Support - A new interface for Apple iPhone
  • SMS Integration - Sends alerts and notifications to your mobile phone via SMS
  • Multi-lingual - Support for languages other than English, such as Spanish and Chinese, to allow users to choose the language most suitable to them